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Employment: Mechanic

The mechanic is responsible for performing all diagnostic, service, and tire repair work performed in the service department. A well as all other manual tasks required in the operation of Oceanside Tire and Service Center.

Duties and Responsibilities

  1. Inspect every vehicle and record as per Oceanside Tire and Service Center policy in a timely manner (15 minutes – most vehicles).
  2. Follow all BAR procedures
  3. Remove and replace front-end parts as needed or requested.
  4. Align front and rear ends as requested.
  5. Perform brake jobs as needed or requested.
  6. Perform under-the-hood services.
  7. Perform Oil Changes and lube all fittings
  8. Remove and install shocks, batteries and tires as requested by Store Manager.
  9. Maintain cleanliness of work area and store in a manner consistent with consumer acceptability, safety and company standards.
  10. Maintain company tools and equipment.
  11. Load and unload from delivery truck as instructed.
  12. Perform Tune-ups.
  13. Personal image as per Oceanside Tire and Service Center
  14. No use of cell phone during clocked in working hours.
  15. Attend company meetings as required.
  16. Perform customer contact as required.
  17. Troubleshoot customer vehicle complaints as instructed.
  18. Record Tire PSI on all work orders
  19. Record tire ( DOT ) serial numbers.
  20. Dressed and ready for work at scheduled time.
  21. Promote harmony and teamwork with fellow employees.
  22. Promote and maintain Safety by wearing Safety Glasses, and proper shoes and uniform at all times when in the shop area. Failure to do this will result in corrective action, including termination.
  23. All other duties as directed.


  • Ability to perform some heavy and light physical labor (10 to 100 lbs. lifting).
  • Ability to perform and install mechanical, parts and service work unassisted.
  • Ability to diagnose needs and problems in all mechanical services performed at Oceanside Tire and Service Center.
  • Mechanical skills in alignment (front and rear) brake work and all mechanical services performed at Oceanside Tire and Service Center.
  • Knowledge of tool usage and BAR regulations.
  • Some mathematical skills are required.
  • Ability to demonstrate a helpful attitude when working with all other employees and customers.
  • Ability to read and calibrate a micrometer.

Oceanside Tire and Service Center
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